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Where can I find my tracking number?

If you placed an order recently, you should have received a shipping confirmation email within a few days of your order. Please check your spam and promotions.

If you cannot find the shipping confirmation email, do not hesitate to contact us by email or on our social networks (Chitoroshop).


How to track your package?

Once you get your tracking number, you can enter it on platforms like 17Track et parcelsapp. You also have the option of using your country's postal site or that of the Japanese Post Office.


Delivery by  Yamato / UPS :

The Yamato company is responsible for delivering the package to Japan and subcontracts the shipping of the package outside Japan to UPS. Both companies have their own tracking methods, which leads to the creation of two tracking numbers. The tracking number provided by Yamato allows the package to be tracked even outside Japan, but sometimes it lacks precision and does not allow any action on UPS delivery. This is why we advise you to search for the UPS number by following our instructions:

*(The UPS tracking number is provided when the package leaves Japan, so we do not have access to it when sending the package and we require you to access it on your own)*

Enter your Yamato tracking number on the following link page: Yamato Transportation, then click "Track". Then, at the bottom of the page, click "Detail".

On the next page you will find the UPS tracking number as: "DeliveryTrackingNumber". Once copied, you can use it directly on the site UPS.

UPS Tracking Number