Return Policy

Package damaged, lost, stolen or delivered to a wrong address: For an insured package, the carrier will conduct an investigation. Depending on the result of the investigation, you will obtain the amount covered by the insurance (allow several weeks before obtaining reimbursement). In the event of a damaged insured package, the carrier will determine the reimbursement amount after investigation.

Reminder of the amount of insurance set by our carriers:

  • UPS / Yamato: Up to 200 yen.
  • EMS: Up to 60 yen.
  • Japan Post: Up to 6000 yen.

Return/Exchanges/Refund: We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective. If you receive a defective item, please contact us within one week of receiving your order at the following email address: chitoroshop@, providing details of the product and the defect. We will then tell you if we accept the return and how to proceed. The product must be in the same condition as when received. In the event of a return, we cannot guarantee that the package will arrive at our premises in good condition, due to possible problems with postal services. If the package does not arrive at our premises, we will not be able to examine it and therefore will not be able to offer you a refund or exchange.

You will be responsible for the shipping costs associated with returning your item. We are not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs during transportation. If the reason for the return is due to an error on our part, the shipping costs will also be refunded; otherwise, they won't be. In the event of an exchange or refund, we will replace the product or refund the purchase price (depending on the original payment method).

A slight packaging defect (cardboard, blister, plastic) such as scratches, slight folds, slight deformation, etc., will not be subject to reimbursement as long as the condition of the contents has not been altered. Please contact us when ordering if you are concerned about the condition of the packaging.

Packages returned to Japan: If your package is returned to us for any reason (due to an error in the address, if it is marked as "unclaimed", or even without a specified return reason), we will charge you for the return costs. If you prefer to be refunded, we will deduct the shipping costs from the first shipment. This rule applies to packages with or without a tracking number.

Pre-order: If we are unable to honor your pre-order, for example in the event of impossible restocking or too long a restocking time (more than 10 days to reach our premises), we will offer you a refund. Otherwise, the pre-order cannot be canceled if we have taken steps to obtain your products and the deadlines are respected.

Cancellation: It is possible to cancel an order as long as it has not yet been shipped. Once shipped, cancellation is no longer possible. For any cancellation, please contact us promptly.

Tax: We are not responsible for customs checks and related fees. Therefore, any taxes and other costs related (if they exist) to the importation of your packages are your responsibility. In the event of a package being returned due to unpaid taxes by the recipient, we will not be able to refund shipping costs. In the event of return costs due to refusal to pay taxes, these costs will be deducted from the refund.

Please note: Refusal to pay the taxes requested by UPS (VAT, handling fees, etc.) may result in the destruction of the package. For some countries, we cannot collect the package if the taxes requested by UPS are not paid.

Below are some examples of VAT rates for certain countries:

Europe: France: 20% (5.5% for books). Switzerland: 7.7%. Belgium: 21%. Luxembourg: 17%. Germany: 19%. United Kingdom: 20%. Italy: 22%. Spain: 21%. Netherlands: 21%. Sweden: 25%. Norway: 25%. Denmark: 25%

North America: . Canada: approximately 15%. United States: normally no taxes for amount less than 800USD . Mexico: 16%

Oceania: . Australia: 10%. New Zealand: 15%

East Asia: . Japan: 10%. China: 13%. South Korea: 10%. Taiwan: 5%. Hong Kong: 0% (no VAT)

Please note that VAT rates may vary depending on product types, and these figures are based on standard rates for general products. It is recommended to check specific rates based on countries and product categories sold.

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