Shipping Policy


All orders are subject to product availability. If the requested item is temporarily out of stock at the time of your order, we will notify you and specify the date on which we can send it to you. Otherwise, we will refund you in full using the original payment method.

To ensure correct and timely delivery, please ensure that your address is correctly indicated, including all relevant and/or required information. Use of appropriate abbreviations, street numbers, building or apartment numbers, and route information (where applicable) is essential to ensure on-time delivery. We assume no responsibility for lost, misplaced or misdelivered shipments due to incorrect or incorrectly entered addresses during purchase.


In the event of damage, loss, theft or delivery to the wrong address of your package:

  • For an insured package, the carrier will conduct an investigation. Reimbursement will be based on the outcome of the investigation, with a potential delay of several weeks.
  • In the event of a damaged insured package, the carrier will determine the reimbursement amount after investigation (with a potential delay of several weeks).


We aim to ship orders within 48 hours of payment (excluding weekends), unless otherwise noted on the site or unforeseen circumstances.

Each order is subject to a separate delivery time. Generally between 5 and 15 working days (allow longer in case of postal delays or slower customs procedures).

Some countries have particularly slow customs procedures, which can cause delays of several weeks.


In the event of refusal of a shipment of ChitoroShop, you will be responsible for the initial shipping costs, as well as the costs of returning the package to our warehouses. These fees will be deducted from any credit issued.

Delivery delays and problems

We are committed to shipping quickly, but delivery times depend on carriers and customs. We are not responsible for packages marked as delivered by the carrier, and no refunds are issued in these cases.

In case of extended delivery time (more than 3 weeks), please check the address provided when ordering. If there is an error, inform the post office or postman. We cannot change your address once the order has been shipped.

If your order is returned to Japan: If you were unable to collect your package from the post office after being absent, the round trip to Japan will take between 1 and 3 months. We can return your order to you, but you may have to pay postage again, depending on the reason for the return.

Customs fees

Your package may be subject to taxes and customs fees during an inspection. We are not responsible for these costs, which will be the responsibility of the customer. If the package is returned due to unpaid taxes, shipping costs will not be refunded. Return costs may apply depending on the carrier and country of destination, and will also be the responsibility of the customer.

The tax rates for different countries are as follows, calculated on the total price of the order, including shipping costs, with possibly a handling fee:

  • Europe: France: 20% (5.5% for books), Switzerland: 7.7%, Belgium: 21%, Luxembourg: 17%, Germany: 19%, United Kingdom: 20%, Italy: 22%, Spain: 21%, Country -Low: 21%, Sweden: 25%, Norway: 25%, Denmark: 25%
  • North America: Canada: approximately 15%, United States: normally no taxes for amounts less than 800 USD, Mexico: 16%
  • Oceania: Australia: 10%, New Zealand: 15%
  • East Asia: Japan: 10%, China: 13%, South Korea: 10%, Taiwan: 5%, Hong Kong: 0% (no VAT)

Please note that VAT rates may vary depending on product types, and these figures are based on standard rates for general products. It is recommended to check specific rates based on countries and product categories sold.