Additional Information Yamato / UPS

For people who took a delivery by Yamato / UPS we advise you to follow this procedure. For all other shipping methods, you can go directly to the parcel tracking page by clicking here.

Tracking with Yamato / UPS:

The Yamato company takes care of the delivery of the package to Japan and subtracts the shipment of the package outside Japan from UPS. the 2 companies have their own tracking methods which leads to the creation of 2 tracking numbers. The tracking number provided to us by Yamato allows the package to be tracked even outside of Japan, but sometimes it is not precise, and it does not allow any action on the UPS delivery, that is why we advise you to look up the UPS number by following our instructions:

*(The UPS tracking number is provided when the package leaves Japan, so we don't have access to it when sending the package and we ask you to access it yourself)*


Enter your Yamato Tracking Number on the following link page: Yamato Transportation  

then click "Track". Then at the bottom of the page click on " Detail ".

On the next page you will find the UPS tracking number under the name: "DeliveryTrackingNumber". Once copied you can use it directly on the site UPS